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Montag, 27. Januar 2014

Months later....

Hey guys!

I am so sorry that I didn't write for months. Actually I didn't think I would write here again, but right now I feel like it and maybe I will be able to write more often from now on.

I have been to several football games in the last months and our team made it to the state championship. Even though we didn't win the game, it was the best year since a long time for our football guys and we all were proud of them.
At the state championship

There was also our homecoming game and the homecoming dance afterwards, what was a lot of fun.
Tessa and me after the homecoming dance
 We were also with Mike for two days in Seattle. One week after that we were with our Local Coordinator Seattle, so I am going to do another post about all of this.

During the Fall Season Tessa and I were in Stagecrew for Drama. This season ended for us with the performance of the play "A Man Who Came To Dinner". It was actually a good play. Since we needed to do something for the Winter Season. We decided to participate in the Musical "Grease". Tessa and I somehow ended both up in chorus. The first performance is at the end of this week and we aren't ready at all, but I hope it will be good.

Then there was of course Thanksgiving. We had dinner at the house of the sister of our previous hostmother and it was pretty good.

Then in the beginning of December we changed hostfamily and I really love it here.
Tessa, Ian (my younger hostbrother) and me were building a snowman

We experienced typical American Christmas with Stockings, opening presents on the 25th and ham for Christmas dinner.
We got our own stockings <3
Christmas dinner

Since our Semester ended on Friday, we have tomorrow no school, even though we have drama rehearsal from 11 am to like 5 pm.

I will change my subjects pretty much in the second semester, but I am going to write that in the next post, when I am sure that I will really change them like I plan to.

Best wishes and I will try to write soon again,
Lena <3

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