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Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

Unterlagen ausfüllen...


Und jetzt noch ein sinnvollerer Post;)
Ich erzähle euch heute einmal ein bisschen was über die Unterlagen, die ins Gastland geschickt werden.Erstmal ein Tipp fangt früh mit dem Bewerben an, weil sonst habt ihr den gleichen Stress mit den Unterlagen wie ich.
Neben ein paar Infos über eure Hobbies und eure Familie, müssen dann ein Gastfamilienbrief und ein Brief von euren Eltern an eure Gastfamilie geschrieben werden.
Ich stelle euch mal meinen Gastfamilienbrief hier rein, aber ich würde euch raten euren einfach nach eurem Gefühl zu schreiben, weil die Gastfamilie soll ja schließlich zu euch passen;)

Dear Host Family,
My name is Lena and I'm almost 16 years old.
I live in a town in Bavaria. My town has about 40,000 inhabitants and I like it very much.

My mum's name is B. and she is * years old.
She is a housewife, but she has many interests.
She goes in an yoga course every week and about twice a month she goes to cooking courses.
Also she likes meeting her friends.

The name of my father is A. and he is * years old.
He's a rotary printer and he loves his job.
He is very interested in Huskies. He had Huskies with his friends and they have done dog sledding.
Also he would like to travel to Scandinavia or Alaska.

I'm an only child, but I like children very much and would be happy, if I had host siblings, but it would also be okay, if I had none. We have one dog. Her name is Briska, she is 6 years and I love her very much.

I like my school very much and I have a great class. Most of my friends are in my class, so it is always fun. Most of the teachers are friendly. A special thing about my school is that it is only for girls. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages about it, but I like it.
Our school is famous for our dancing teams. I've been dancing in 5th and 6th grade too.
My favorite subjects in school are Maths (because I'm pretty good in it and it's fun for me) and politics (because we speak about interesting topics).
After school I join a club called “Debating Society”, in which we debate formal in English about political and social topics.
Last autumn holiday we were with this club in Kerkrade, Netherlands, where we simulated with other pupils from whole Europe the European Parliament. It was really cool, because we got known to the work of a delegate and did our own proposals. Also it was a great experience to dress formal and the whole weekend we've spoken only in English. There were native speakers too and so it was a great mix.

I've already done 2 internships.
I've done the first one in the 8th grade. At 8 afternoons I helped children with migration background with their homework.
For the second internship I was 4 days in the kindergarten. It was really great and I enjoyed playing with the children and looking after them.
At the moment I do my third internship.
I work with disabled children for 2 weeks.
I like it very much. It's a great experience and I'm thinking about doing something like this later.
But I'm really not sure what I want to do later, because at the moment I'd like to become a lawyer or a psychologist too.
A dream of mine is that I would like to get the IB-Diploma (International Baccalaureate- Diploma), but since schools are very expensive, it probably won't work.

My next goal is to go to a good university, probably in another country.

I go with one of my best friends regularly to the gym. I love skiing, but I'm not very good in it.
. Since 4 years I've been going every year for a skiing holiday with my dad a few days to Austria. In general I'm not so good in sports.
I love the sea too.
I like reading and since one year I read a lot in English too.
At the moment my favorite books are the Hunger Games books.
When I was younger I read a lot, but now I often missing the time.
I also like listening music. At the moment my favorite song is Let her go (Passenger), but this changes often.
Of course I also like meeting my friends.

I love traveling. In my last summer holiday I was for a language course in Totnes (England) for 3 weeks. I lived in an host family, which was a great experience. With my parents I was already in Austria, Italy and Mallorca.

I want to get known to the USA and I think there is a big difference between being a tourist and living there. This country really fascinates me and I would like to gain a “second family” there.
I think an exchange year is a great experience and I would be very thankful, if you would give me the opportunity to experience that.

At home I'm cleaning my room and my bathroom, I'm setting the table and I go sometimes for a walk with our dog, so of course I will help in the household too, if you want me to do that.
Of course I'd like to tell you something about Germany too.

I hope you got a good impression of me and I want to thank you that you took the time to read my letter. I would be very glad if you would decide that I get the chance to live with you for 10 months.
Best wishes,

LG Lena

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